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    After the sale, the team carefully repaired and maintained the equipment. Minimize equipment outages and give you peace of mind.

    • Content

      As a senior industry leader, CSM always puts the needs of customers first. We have a professional technical talent team and a perfect after-sales service system to provide quick and efficient after-sales service for all laundry centers all over the world who are facing different problems.
      Our after-sales service team carefully repairs and maintains your equipments to minimize the circumstances of equipment interruption which will let our customers rest assured to use.

    • Coverage

      Our service outlets are located throughout the country, including the Asia Pacific region. At present, permanent engineers (regional after-sales engineers) are set up in Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Shenzhen in the mainland, with four resident points as the center to radiate after-sales service in neighboring provinces and cities. The global service network escorts the world’s equipment.

    • Parts supply

      Our company has sufficient spare parts, and all spare parts information is standardized into the system, which can promptly query and respond to customer needs.
      Parts inventory covers home-made equipment parts and partner equipment parts.


    Founded in 1986, CSM has partnered with some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers-including Milnor, Chicago, Multimatic and Sankosha - in order to create customer-specific solutions for all of your textile care needs. CSM HK(wholly-owned subsidiary) was established in Hong Kong in May, 2008. It has become a bridge connecting the domestic and international markets, and helps the company to integrate seamlessly with the international market, especially the Asian market.
    Your return on investment is important, and CSM knows how to create environmentally friendly options that maximize your profits. We manufacture, supply, and install equipment. Additionally, we offer turn-key and customized solutions for luxury hotels, central laundries, dry cleaning and co-op chains, and other special projects. CSM provides textile care solutions that work for you.
    CSM’s strive towards a greener and cleaner world is two-fold. We provide solutions to our customers that address the pressing needs that are required to be environmentally friendly. In addition, we are actively pursuing the improvement of our own manufacturing methods and standards in order to minimize the impact done to the environment. Our guiding fundamentals are: Compliance with national&international regulations, energy efficiency, reduction in the waste produced and avoidance of the use of pollution material.

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